Our Mission.

The current publication process stifles scientific advancement by hindering the rapid dissemination of information. Although, in the past, the lack of general access to the technology to produce and disseminate high quality publications necessitated a reliance on publication companies, this is no longer the case. The emergence of the internet as the new de facto publication medium and the availability of open source technologies for handling the peer review process have made it possible for organization such as OHBM to create new innovative journals, that are optimized for advancing reproducible science.

With Aperture, we propose a more flexible approach to publishing academic research, combining transparency, data curation and code or analysis publishing to create a unique platform for communicating a broader range of research products, objects, and findings. A key goal for this initiative is to improve the accessibility and reusability of research work.

OHBM is undergoing a rapid transformation from an organization to a society, taking on broader interactions with the neuroimaging community than the sole focus of holding the annual meeting. By adding chapters and organizing events year-round we are reaching an ever broader and more diverse membership. Our members publish articles scattered across a broad range of disciplines and academic journals. As brain mapping is becoming more interdisciplinary, we expect that our members will need access to novel publishing avenues with innovative features. This puts us in a unique position to guide the field and set new standards for communicating scientific data.

Aperture aims to improve the way scientific information is communicated, archived, and made directly reusable by other scientists.