In the Media.

With Aperture, OHBM plans to open up to a more diverse approach in communicating academic research, bringing transparency and interactivity to the publishing process. While initially our focus will be on reviews, tutorials and educational materials, we foresee using this format to incorporate computational notebooks, interactive plots, software, data, and post-publication peer-review to create living, reusable and reproducible research objects. We hope to have a beta version of Aperture in time for the Rome meeting in 2019.

“Coko has extensive experience developing open source publishing components, some of which are used by Elife and other open-access publishers,” commented Nikola Stikov and Jean-Baptiste Poline (in consultation with the OBHM Publishing Initiative Committee). “Their framework could give the Open Science SIG and the broader OHBM community the opportunity to participate in the construction of Aperture. We look forward to establishing even more collaborations with like-minded partners.”